Wednesday, June 22, 2005

On Sunday

Mass at St. Jerome Church Other churches can learn from there music director it is the best that I have herd in a Catholic Church.
Then breakfast At Juniors then on to the Huntington Library, art collection and botanical gardens. I started to felt sorry for all the English family’s that had to sell of there art and books after WWI. They lost there sons in France and there assets to the tax man. It is like making the Gold Star Mothers sell the family albums to finance the government (that what governments do).
The next day I went to Marina del Ray and met with the people of Bluewater Sailing about basic keelboat sailing classes 13505 Bali Way 310 823 5545 then off to San Diego Mission Bay Sportcenter has sailing classes the first weekend of the month.
On Tuesday it was over to Old Town San Diego If I come back for sailing lesions then I will go to Balboa Park
Today I drove to El Centro this is as fore east that I am going on this trip.


At 4:42 PM, Blogger Les said...

dad, send me your email address. your ieee one is bouncing.



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