Saturday, June 18, 2005

On the rode

The house rescored on the 6th. It required three more days to complete my business.
On Friday I rode to Antioch, had dinner at a Mexican/Italian restaurant little?? Good food***. Saturday morning I rode along the Sacramento River to Sacramento; if you are going between the bay area and Sacramento try this rout if you have the time, tool going to Sac.
Sunday went to the railroad museum, my father in-law would have loved it old trains and tall tales about the building of the rail to the east.
Old town is a tourist site they changed the place from cheap bars and flop houses that I remember in 1959 to fancy bars and gift shops. There are still people wondering around looking for there next drink or fix, the fixes ate now strange items that they will take home and trey to remember why they bout them.
The next day Monday looker at the city the museums were closed.
Rode back to Los Altos the bike has over 1000km on it and now needs serves that is scheduled in two weeks.
Wednesday the 15 drone to Santa Clarita north of LA to see my ant Ruby.
The next day spent with Ruby and found out the address of many of my relatives on my father side, found out the manes of my grate grand parents and where they were from. The one from England clamed to be part Native American.
On Friday went to the Getty in LA; Rembrandt's late Religious Portraits, there collections, I went through the place.
Today I went to La Brea Tar Pits Page Museum


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