Sunday, September 18, 2005

Ashland city Hall


Friday, September 02, 2005

Waiting to get back on the rode

I am in Sunnyvale CA I have stayed here for the last two months with a sour lag then a job working on a chip mod of a design that I made 3 years ago
On the 31 of August the bike went in to the BMW dealer to have the add-ons installed the CB is not available at this time this required two days as the hade to reorder a part that was sent back the job ended on Tuesday .all day Wednesday was used up getting ready and I was off on Friday .
Traveled up state 1 to Fort Bragg. On Saturday morning I started out on 1 but ran over a belt in the rode before leaving Fort Bragg this punctured the rear tire. It is not possible to get a motorcycle tire plugged I had to do it my self. After plugging the tire I set off to the closed dealer to get a new tire this was in Larkspur. They were closed by the time I arrived this meant a wait to Tuesday on Sunday I visited Celeste. Tuesday after the new tire it was off to Eureka. The Samoa Cookhouse is a good place to dine the soup was excellent and the rest of the meal was very good .Spent the next day looking at the old town. Thursday on to Ashland Oregon ,"Napoli Milionaria" ,then "The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus" in the Pavilion it rained the audience and a actors got wet .on Saturday after church "Richard III' . On Sunday over to Klamath Falls the up to Crater Lake (when will it next go boom) I am spending the night in Eugene.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

And now a bad lag

After leaving El Centro I drove up to the Salton Sea. The Sonny Bono Salton Sea Natl. Wildlife Refuge is a strange place in late June there is a lookout over a plough field. And they are watering the desert plants the jackrabbits like it. Other places along the sea shore give off a strange look in the summer.
In Indio I stepped off a curb with my left lag to straight. I now have a hipper extended knee.
And I came back to the bay area on Friday. The tripe is on hold.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

On Sunday

Mass at St. Jerome Church Other churches can learn from there music director it is the best that I have herd in a Catholic Church.
Then breakfast At Juniors then on to the Huntington Library, art collection and botanical gardens. I started to felt sorry for all the English family’s that had to sell of there art and books after WWI. They lost there sons in France and there assets to the tax man. It is like making the Gold Star Mothers sell the family albums to finance the government (that what governments do).
The next day I went to Marina del Ray and met with the people of Bluewater Sailing about basic keelboat sailing classes 13505 Bali Way 310 823 5545 then off to San Diego Mission Bay Sportcenter has sailing classes the first weekend of the month.
On Tuesday it was over to Old Town San Diego If I come back for sailing lesions then I will go to Balboa Park
Today I drove to El Centro this is as fore east that I am going on this trip.

Saturday, June 18, 2005

On the rode

The house rescored on the 6th. It required three more days to complete my business.
On Friday I rode to Antioch, had dinner at a Mexican/Italian restaurant little?? Good food***. Saturday morning I rode along the Sacramento River to Sacramento; if you are going between the bay area and Sacramento try this rout if you have the time, tool going to Sac.
Sunday went to the railroad museum, my father in-law would have loved it old trains and tall tales about the building of the rail to the east.
Old town is a tourist site they changed the place from cheap bars and flop houses that I remember in 1959 to fancy bars and gift shops. There are still people wondering around looking for there next drink or fix, the fixes ate now strange items that they will take home and trey to remember why they bout them.
The next day Monday looker at the city the museums were closed.
Rode back to Los Altos the bike has over 1000km on it and now needs serves that is scheduled in two weeks.
Wednesday the 15 drone to Santa Clarita north of LA to see my ant Ruby.
The next day spent with Ruby and found out the address of many of my relatives on my father side, found out the manes of my grate grand parents and where they were from. The one from England clamed to be part Native American.
On Friday went to the Getty in LA; Rembrandt's late Religious Portraits, there collections, I went through the place.
Today I went to La Brea Tar Pits Page Museum

Saturday, May 28, 2005

The bike

I Have a new BMW K1200LT. It is Yellow
It will Have a GPS ,CB and satellite radio.
For now I have CD 1 dish and AM/FM radio

Monday, May 23, 2005

Geting ready

I Have sold the house and waiting for the close.
sold one cart and will leave the other in the area.
buying anew bike a BMW.